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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hope you all had a great New Years!!! we did!!! photos will follow down the road - no working CD drives here in La Manzanilla. Tenacatita is gorgeous - although I think we're getting way spoiled as we all agreed that the visibility for snorkeling is only "fair" and the water is "a little chilly". life is tough. new year's was spent on Ute, surrounded by a school of baby flying fish. very nice.

can you believe it's 2006???? unreal.

we're very likely departing for zihuatanejo tomorrow morning - tides and weather look auspcious for that leg - it will be about 250 miles which means 3 to 5 days depending on winds. of course we may stop along the way to get some swimming in, as rumor has it the water in the zihuat anchorage is too smarmy for swimming....

hugs to everybody and thanks for all the posts!!!! keep 'em coming!!!! CC


Craig said...

Happy New Year. Thanks C&A for keeping up with the log so well. It is really helping Evvy and I think about our plans for the next year! Looks like you're going to keep water moving fast under your keel. Way to use that sailing machine. Say Hi to Bill.

Fair winds,


Chad Evans said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! I've been in Miami working insurance claims (exciting, huh?) and the only action I've had on the water has been a gambling cruise....
I'll be checking in and following your adventures in uncontrollable envy (that's a good scrabble word,eh?) Take care you two!!

ncareypaint said...

It's Friday. Busy week - hope to ski this weekend - Sunday River - slowly and gently. We need a few snow days so some of us can get away when it is not so crowded. Hugs to you - fair winds, following seas and lots of love. nmc