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Monday, February 13, 2006

Angel update

Hi again from Puerto Angel everybody....at long last here's the Hebe update: they´re still in Zihuat, trying to coax the engine to run. They rented a car, met us in Acapulco, got the coveted replacement parts from Danny, zoomed back to Zihuat, installed them with the help of their friendly local mechanic and....found out there's some other pump that needs some TLC. major bummer. all is not lost, however - it´s entirely possible that. with the help of the (very capable) mechanic, they can fix the other problem, and if worse comes to worse, they can always cut their losses and buy an outboard, as they had the wisdom and foresight to have Danny bring down a Hebe-sized outboard motor mount, too (just in case).

So, please keep those fingers crossed - and hopefully they'll be 'on the road again' in no time. we miss them!!

on a lighter note, we're loving puerto angel, and having a guest is a blast. we had a beautiful run here - nice winds, just enough becalmed time to enjoy an open-ocean swim, lots of dolphins, and dozens of sea turtles!

I keep meaning to fire up the laptop and write up a 'real' update, but it's hard to find time when our days are filled with making sure danny gets the full mexico experience: snorkeling, beer, wiffle, aimless lying about, swimming, etc. etc.

I'm going to try and post a couple pics now...hopefully it will work!!

much love to all, CC & AC

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