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Friday, February 17, 2006

on the road again?

we're still in puerto angel.....but weather-willing we'll pull up the hook tomorrow and boogie on down to Huatulco. the word on the street is we'll have to break our no-marinas rule and actually tie up to a dock in Huatulco, but I guess it won´t kill us (it will feel weird though, after four months of anchoring!). We'll re-provision and otherwise prepare the boat for what will likely be our most challenging trip leg yet, the crossing of the Gulf of Tehuantepec (legendary for its gale-force winds nearly all the time: Beaufort 8 on average, building routinely to Beaufort 10). Once everything is battened down, restocked, reinforced, tied up, and tied down, we'll take the earliest weather window and scoot. (Hopefully the weather window will open sooner rather than later so we don´t have to spend too long in a pricey marina).

no more news on Hebe.....they're still working on the engine and weighing their options....we miss them so. The replacement part that Danny brought is installed, but somehow not aligning properly with the parts to which it attaches. even the mechanic is stumped. they agree that we should go on ahead as there is still plenty of time for them to catch up once they get their engine situation worked out. Good luck Tim and Ariel!!


My Name Is Lucien said...

I'm having beer right now and looking at pictures of you two. I miss you alot. I can't speak for my wife because she's asleep, but I think she misses you too. Do they have beer there? What does it taste like? Are there any mosquitos there? Are they union? We here in the Bay State are very union-conscious.
Today I got my ass kicked on Boston harbor - a 14hr day and 40kt winds. It would be nicer to be sitting with you two.

ncareypaint said...

Hi - nice to hear your voice on my phone. You both sound great. See Lucien has found Boston Harbor windy this last week - Yes, Mass is union conscious. Hi, Lucien, Isabella & Lucy.
April is coming - you have birthdays - is there anyway to get something to you? hugs. nmc