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This blog tells the story of our 22-month sailing journey from Oakland, California, to Bristol, Rhode Island, aboard our beloved Bristol 32 sailboat, Ute. Please feel free to browse through the archives (partway down the sidebar to your left) to see pics and read stories of our adventures in North America and Central America . (Sorry the first 3 months of the trip are missing - they vanished somewhere in an internet cafe in Mexico - but all you're missing is CA, Baja and Western Mex).

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

bound for the Rich Coast....

hi everybody!! just a quick post to update...we're outta here tomorrow. at the moment we are hanging with a fun bunch of boaters at a sweet little spot on the estuary, and tiny restaurant run by a Salvadorean woman & Brit fella, complete with 3 smiling puppy dogs and this computer, which has a slow-as-molasses, fickle-at-best connection to the net through an aging cell phone (the whole thing is powered by a generator as we're on a power-less island). not that we're complaining - just explaining why we haven't shared photos or much in the way of updates lately. I swear, we will soon though - we've got some great shots & stories from this sunny little corner of central america.

next stop? probably Playa del Coco in Costa Rica. next internet connection? anyone's guess....before we check the boat into CR at Plata del Coco we're hoping to spend a couple days snorkeling and diving in the Murcielagos Islands (just past Cabo Santa Elena) as they're supposed to be fantastic for that sort of thing. so...next post could be a week from now or three weeks from now...we're going to try and spend most of our time is costa rica exploring the islands off the coast....the places we probably won't visit when we do a land trip in Costa Rica five or ten or twenty years from now. the spots you can only experience on a boat!

the passage to our first stop in CR is about 230 miles, which is about 3 days. not bad at all. with a little luck we'll avoid the dreaded Papagayos....(well, it's not just luck. we do listen to the weather on our shortwave every day. dunno how we'd live without it....not only do we get weather but also Radio Havana, Voice of the Andes out of Quito, BBC, the list goes on....so fun!)

well- it's time I gave one of our neighbors a turn on the computer. Start thinking about meeting us in Panama, people...if the Canal piques your interest, read The Path Between the Seas by David McCollough...fascinating!

Love to all!!! Cora and Allen


ncareypaint said...

Fair winds following seas - enjoy your trip. think of you both every day. All is well here - 6 am here - it is light - spring is on its way. We have had a very mild winter. Weather is fun. School is busy. hugs OOOOXXXX nmc

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys

I have some books for you that i didn't get to Danny. Let me know who is visiting next so I can send them out.
Love to you both

ncareypaint said...

fair winds - following seas - am sitting around recovering from a winter nasty flu and feeling rather sorry for myself - am getting over it. School is busy - am teaching 4 courses instead of three fourth quarter - hope it doesn't pooped me out too much - it is the last quarter - so I can recover in the summer - am working this summer - must - all is well here - Tammy's baby is due around your birthdays. Fun to have another family member arriving.

Communicate about getting b'day gifts to you both - is it possible?
Hope all is going great - miss you love you nmc XXXXOOOOO

Anonymous said...

Hope you hang in CR through 3/22.


Zac said...

HEY GUYS! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get ahold of you. I've been pretty busy with the boat and trying to work as much as possable. I will try and sum up what i can: I was down in mexico for new years, but i was too far north of you to visit. I had a blast, got sick in mazatlan....damn tequila. I totaled the Neon a few months ago on 17, but i escaped ok. The volvo is dead and i'm saving for a new car. Bryan Light bought the Ives. I'm about to get a new car in a few weeks and i'm looking for other jobs. Sherry is working alot now and is planning to move out this summer to land, so she can bring her kid out here. It will allow me to do more work on the boat too. I'm thinking of going back to school in the fall and i'm refitting a kelly peterson 44 on the side for some extra cash (it's just a hull at this point, i'm redoing everything for the owner). Darrin's boat sank partialy the other day and Ron is getting ready to start kicking people out again. Things are tough but we are all hanging in there. Garry bought a lancer, so he is back in the marina now too. I will try to keep in touch.

Happy Sailing,
Zac, Rosie, and Sherry

ncareypaint said...

6 am here. We are stil having NE weather - 60 one day 30 the next and windy. Ski season was hard on the north this year - not much snow - too few people heading north to ski - Of course, it was a beautiful day to ski where they made snow but the city folks saw brown ground and though no snow. Have taken on another class to teach next quarter - will mean no down time and much more work - it will be fun. Real estate is definitely going to keep me busy this summer - have to work. Seems I changed fonts - am rambling. Off to an ultra sound this am and then to school - regular check up. more later. OOOXXXnmc

Anonymous said...

Hi Cora!!
Glad to read this....Harry told me where to find you!
Sounds like you are turning in to great world travelers!
My sister and I had a wonderful week in Panama in January, birding in the Soberanes Nat'l. Park. Ancon is a company that has guides, and Mario with Ancon is The Best! He is out of Panama City. A great environmentalist. We stayed at Canopy Tower and out at Gamboa, both near the canal. We visited the locks at Miraflores. Loved Panama! Have a blast! Elaine