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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Thanks to my wonderful Wife. She is such a good blog updater. She was up till three last night composing that nine page update........
She rocks!
Just to add to the list of stolen merchandise the jerks pilfed from us;
We figured out they stole my really crappy sunglasses the same day that we figured out the camera was missing.
Just TODAY we just figured out they nabbed our freaking cooler. (After acquiring ice for cold drinks)
Anyway, be sure to read Cora whole post, it is really good.
Robbers are LAME.

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Oggy Bleacher said...

that was a cruel and unjust crime you endured. Just bad timing is all. I suggest taking up sketching in pencil. like Darwin. Or Cortez. Early adventurers didn't have cameras. Nor diesel fuel.
I want to put in a vote for you to visit San Juan Del Sur. southern Nicaragua. There is a horseshoe harbor. chicken tacos. pizza. Probably criminals. If you are in the neighborhood. It's nice enough.
my sympathies for your loss.