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Sunday, April 30, 2006

got canal crew?

we got crew, we got crew, WE GOT CREW! this just gets more and more fun by the day.....

Danny and Gabby (Bay area pals for those of you that don´t know ´em) are booked and ready to rock, arriving the 13th. we´re ecstatic.

Rick Carey (allen´s dad) and Bill Green (Allen´s brother´s father-in-law aka Cally´s dad) are THIS close to being in. hopefully we´ll know in the next coupla days.



ncareypaint said...

Hey, can't you wait till after june 20, I think a female deck hand would be a good thing. This is great - the 18th of May - what good luck. Back from my vacation - great day at school. All is well. nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I typed this once and don't know where it went. I'm not great with this kind of thing. In any case Adian is a reak cutie. We are all thrilled with him. I have been to see them several times in the hospital but only once so far at home. I took Adian's great grandparents to meet him. I can see I'll have to restrain myself when I see baby clothes. I do not want to be the kind of Nanna that is always giving gifts. I just want to have him think of me as fun and loving.I wanted to send you some pictures but don't know how to do it. Maybe Allen your mom can. So you are heading through the canal soon. That should be very exciting. Will you be heading to New England? Have a great trip. I'll try and write again. Love Aunt Nancy