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Saturday, April 08, 2006

southbound again

hi everyone - just wanted to let you know we´re outta Playa del Coco today and headed for central/southern CR....hoping to spend our birthdays either at a secluded beach or en route to the Panama border (both options are exciting, for different reasons!). neither scenario involves internet access, but we probably won´t be offline for too long - we´ll have to check out of the country someplace and there will undoubtedly be an internet cafe there.

The weather is beautiful here, and while the gales of Nicaragua made for fun and speedy sailing ground, we´re enjoying the gentle breezes we´re getting here right now. can´t complain.

more soon!!! cheers, CC


ncareypaint said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND YOU AND BOTH OF YOU. eNJOY love you a lot. Hugs and kisses. love nmc

kate said...

Hey you guys -

We haven't been in touch for FOREVER, but I wanted to send you both big huge birthday kisses, and tell you that we think about you all the time.

Dav and I just got back from 3 weeks in Brazil and Argentina, and while we were on the island of Fernando de Naronha, it occurred to us finally that we were probably doing for those 5 days what you guys have been doing for weeks and weeks, and it finally dawned on me just why you might be into doing that. You cats got it figured out, that's for sure.

I wish we were celebrating your birthdays with you in person, but I bet you guys will do a good job of it down there without us. Give each other big kisses for us, and keep on partyin'!


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, it is birthday time again. Nancy came to Portsmouth for a sushi fest for Carey on Monday... you get to have your own fish fest every day! Best wishes for an especially fine sail and fortuitous (SP?) series of days as you birthday in the real Southland. Love to you both, Deb and Ray and Carey

ncareypaint said...

Eating fried clams & sushi in the same week. Spring is here - getting a new breath of energy. Teaching 4 sections of pottery- great kids - lotsa fun. Hope you are having fun as well. hugs XXXXOOOOOOOnmc

Anonymous said...

Sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES for Cora and Allen from Vietnam!!!!!!! We can't help but think of you guys as we have begin our travel adventures. (My god, it's only been one day and my English is already compromised by ultra simple sentence structure and every thought is conveyed like a question. Can't wait to hear how you spent your birthdays.
the Ho Chi Minh City honeymooners

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday ( a couple days late) Cora. Haapy b-day to you Allen.

cousin Laurie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with Panama!