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Thursday, May 25, 2006

itchin' to get to the islands

Still here enjoying the disco showers, but probably leaving tomorrow....Hebe transited the canal today so we're eagerly awaiting their arrival in this ocean...cross your fingers for them..we finished our first canvas project and customers seemed pleased so that went well! it took three days but, goldarnit, it has double-flat-felled seams, reinforced facings, and two-tone contrast trim. Thanks Geoff and Gerry for our first real gig.

We went for another jungle walk today and were lucky enough to see a huge troop of capuchin monkeys, one a mom jumping about with a tiny tiny baby clinging to her back. pretty cool. the howlers were going crazy too as we explored old bunkers and tried to sneak up on jumpy grazing agoutis.

We're getting pretty excited to see the San Blas islands....Danny and Gabby spent 3 days there after they were with us and said it's unlike any place they've ever been. The archipelago includes 365 islands so at the very least it should keep us busy! We'll take our time getting there, though....with no experience sailing among reefs we'rea bit nervous...the common wisdom says sail during the day when it's clear and you can see the reefs...otherwise stay put. at that rate it could take a couple days to close the 70-mile gap between here and the islands! luckily there are some pretty neat-sounding stops along the way, like Portobelo and Isla Linton.

Hopefully we'll make it there before Craig and Evvy fly in to meet us on the 3rd!


ncareypaint said...

Good morning. Love your canvas work. The leaf cutters - should br an example to humans about work ethic. Am off to school - 6 am - miss you both. Memorial Day is much neded. hugs. nmc

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Craig at the tiller, we crashed a sailboat into the breakwater wall last night. exciting stuff!