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Monday, May 08, 2006


hell, i guess if we fanagled 2 Old Towns through 6 giant Mississippi grain barge locks and 82 miles of river, we can get ol´Ute across the isthmus.

good thing our crew has experience....hopefully this time we won´t have to build a sail out of green tarp and a canoe paddle. anything´s possible, though...


ncareypaint said...

Owen is having fun - I need to learn to run - he needs to run miles - well he is lucky to have me slowly walking and spoiling him. Love your updates. Time is a strange thing - maybe more so for the Panama Canal schedulers - bet they get a lot of pressure from large small and huge boats - ships to change schedules, etc.
Am off to write a couple of notes and veg on the couch. have fun. hugs nmc

ncareypaint said...

more hugs - more fun - fair skies, following seas and safe passage through the locks. nmc

Ben and Rhonda said...

Greetings from Ben and Rhonda. We're enjoying the Ute blog. Jacob has a green hat exactly like Allen's.

Rhonda named the song. Tougher for new wavers.

Loved hearing about the capyberas. It makes us wonder if crocodiles are near by.

Two of the capyberas at the Santa Barbara Zoo escaped a couple of years ago and went to the lagoon/estuary. It tooks months for the zoo to recapture them.

Our thoughts are with you and your crew.