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Sunday, June 18, 2006

one step forward, two steps back..

so, no luck yet on the tranny. many thanks to that handful of sweet people who have asked for updates...

allen just spent two nights in panama city waiting for the part to be ready. mind you they told us it would be ready thursday. so he went to the city on friday thinking that was a safe bet....but it wasn't ready until yesterday afternoon.....at which point Joe the Mechanic looked at it and concluded it was not finely machined enough, so he's going to take it back to the shop Monday and see it they can redo it......this is not so fun. every night that we're paying to have the boat in a marina and paying for a hotel room too just makes us shake our heads and wonder what the hell we're gonna do. not to mention paying the mechanic which we haven't thought through yet. So in the last three days we basically accomplished nothing while spending money in the city.

if they can't get the part machined to a satisfactory state of precision then things will get even more complicated, as that would mean ordering a replacement....and evidently our transmission is so old and obscure that even the guys at the company that manufactured it can't identify the model despite the barrage of photos and serial numbers we've e-mailed to them. yikes. and the coupler itself was redone at some point over the years so it's not a standard thing we can order.

ah, the joys of yacht ownership......


Lightstation said...

Let us know what we can do..
we sure wouldn't mind if we HAD to abandon averything and fly to Panama with a transmission in a suitcase!!!
We're seeing Craig and Evie on Tuesday to get the full story on the monkey attack and everything else.

evstivers said...

Maybe we should host a fundraiser for you. We could come up with some sort of punny name involving transmissions and transitions. Better yet we could go with a monkey theme and have Craig reenact the Incedent at Bad Monkey Beach. Seriously, at least your stuck in paradise. Enjoy disco showers and unlimited ice while it lasts. If there is anything we can do help out, just let us know.

We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Babe, is there a western union?