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Sunday, July 09, 2006

here's a coatimundi in case you were wondering what one looks like....

(please feed my delusion that you have at least one burning biology question on your mind at any given time)


ncareypaint said...

o.k. what are the coatimundis eating habits, its predators, its purpose in life other than being cute with a ringed tail and long snout? Allen's short order skills are important to develop just in case you stay in the marina longer - don't tell him I am encouraging them because its the mom thing talking = always well mostly the kiss of death. Being in the kitchen all the time - could try one's patience.
Went for a swim in the creek today - salt water - bracingly cold. Deb Carey was up to celebrate her birthday and enjoy a swim. Can't wait to have you join me in Maine some time. Off to bed. hugs OOOXXX nmc

Jeff/Liz/Paulina/Abby said...

Looks like what eats our garbage in NJ. Raccoons live in the street drains!