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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

plans, they are a chaaangin'.....

...naturally. that is what a sailor's plans do, change. and so I find myself in Wisconsin. yes, Wisconsin! no need to panic, nothing horrible going on, it's just that my mother underwent an unexpected appendectomy last week and, since she is not supposed to lift anything heavier than a fork for a couple weeks, I thought I should come home and help chuck hay bales and mow lawn and stuff like that. So last minute arrangements were made and, 12 culture shocked hours later, I find myself sitting in Rio, Wisconsin! Allen is holding down the fort in Shelter Bay, left to face our two-page, cross-referenced, priority-assigned to-do list of boat projects. poor sweetie.

so...for those of you sweet people who have been wanting updates on the engine etc....they'll have to come from my honey next time he cleans his hands up enough to touch the laptop. (oooh...better add Lava soap to my US shopping list. check).

After 10 months of spending every single moment with my husband and experiencing everything new and exciting with him at my side, it's a little odd to be back in the US on my own! but not in a bad way. just wish Allen was here to snuggle Buster with me. I'm feelign kind of guilty that I get to do so and he doesn't.

we're still planning to go to Bocas del Toro for the month of August, provided there is a good weather window to get there boat there when I get back to Panama on the 27th.

Stay tuned and take care everybody! CC

more soon. CC


billly said...

Hi Cora,
In Quito hanging out w/ team Hebe.
Hey, give Marty a big hug and kiss from me...Buster butt too.Hope she feeling well.And dont forget to add the cheese to your list....
Love, bill

evstivers said...

Does this mean new Buster pics on the blog?

Anonymous said...

Back home? One word. Sausage. Eat up! All our best to your Mom.

The NJ Careys

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone out there read "R-eee-oh", Wisconsin, it's actually "R-eye-oh". I know, I can hardly say it aloud without a chuckle. Sending my love out to the farm!
- Julie

ncareypaint said...

Cora, thrilled you returned to give Marti a hug or two. Nice to talk with you. Understand you arrived back just fine to find there is no internet connection right now. Don't expect to see more blog stuff for a bit. Allen, you fixed the solar system - I think. Amazing how much work there is to this trip. You are both quite amazing and the mother in me just continues to be awed by your solutions to things and my ability to keep the worry to a minimum -some worry is a good thing it keeps the angels and guardians and past relatives all watching out for you. Love to read the blog - never know what to say to all the people out there. nancy

ncareypaint said...

Are you heading for Bocas del Toro as I write. It is always interesting to think about what you are doing each day since it is so incredibly foreign to my thinking both in geographic understanding and my total ignorance of boats and sailing. Owen is here for a few days. Cally and Mike are in NYC at a wedding. Too hot this time of year for the city for me. We are suppose to be 90 to 100 for quite a few days. We northerners are not used to that many hot days. It will prepare me for the trip to Panama. More soon. hugs - fair winds and following seas and lot of love. nmc