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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

chilling out on Wizard's Beach after one hell of a hike....in true Gilligan's Island style what should have been a half hour hike turned into quite the adventure when we got lost, my shoe broke, and we found out that some paths are a *little* more challenging in rainy season than dry season. at one point we were squlching and skwooshing barefoot through stinky sticky jungle mud in swamp water up to our knees - one of those scenarios that ends up fine but while you're in it you wish you didn't know anything about bacteria, viruses, jungle diseases, water borne tropical illnesses, or creepy crawlies.

we emerged unscathed though, and the warm crashing surf made it all worthwhile.....and better yet we found the real path on the way home - which led us to yummy pizza and wine at a sweet little Italian restaurant on stilts over the water, about 50 yards from home sweet Ute.

due to my extreme neurosis about sand in the house I forced everyone to go night swimming when we got home....

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