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Friday, August 25, 2006

phew....blogger apparently got tired of me yesterday and boycotted me for 24 hours - anyway, we had a great visit with Nancy and that was pretty much all that we did.

After our lovely time in the mountains we headed back to Bocas, found the boat in no worse condition than we left it, and - miracle of miracles - secured a sunny day to go on a herd-o-tourists snorkelling day trip. The underwater landscape here is really quite lovely, and it was a luxury to let someone else do the driving; plus, the little lanchas around here can get to the shallow spots that Ute just can't risk visiting with her deep belly. Highlights were a brief swim with a shark (dunno what type, harmless fellow about 5' long), getting inked by a school of squid (they flashed 5 different colors in succession before simultaneously hitting mach one and leaving me with just an indigo memory), and a bristly, squirming rainbow of brittle stars and basket stars entwined around all colors of sponges and soft corals. The snorkeling here is different from Roatan - instead of a barrier reef like in the Bay Islands, there are underwater gardens of coral here - less majestic, but just as intriguing in their own right, with lots of hidden delights.

Now we're back to just the of us for the first time since July - and we weren't quite ready to be staring at the same walls and the same projects again - but we know we can't complain.....we are, after all, stuck in paradise together. what a way to go. And we won't be bored for long - the next visitor due in is my former Zoo coworker Sarah!

Thanks again Nance AND all you sweet sweet folks out there who sent goodies with our visitors: Lava soap, underwear, badminton birdies, transmission help, raincoats, new music, movies, cheese, maple syrup, zoocamp tshirts, LOVE. right back at ya, Ute


Anonymous said...

I think by badminton birdies, you may mean Vietnamese hackey sacks...that's a foot toy, kids. Kick up your heels and have a go.

p.s. I saw Allen in that zoo camp tshirt with a lemur on it. Cute stuff. That reminds me, I miss Ringo. Is he in Rio?

Zac said...

I'm sorry to be so late in mentioning this but apparently they recently descovered a new kind of sloth in Panama, the Pigmy Sloth. It likes to swim alot, and it's really cuddly and small. It would probably make a good addition to your boat.

ncareypaint said...

great bog entries. Wish I could return in a couple of weeks and spend more time with you all. Missing you. School starts tomorrow - kids on Tuesday - shock to be back in the real world. Stayed up late last night looking at all our pics you took, Cora. Fun telling everyone about our trip and all that we did - really quite amazing and Cora did most of the organizing - being pampered by Allen and Cora is great. XXXOOO nmc