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Thursday, August 10, 2006

we love the parade of visitors!

hi everybody, just wanted to let you know we are doing great...we put Avesa and Jen on planes back to the US this morning with hugs and tears, and are now eagerly awaiting Nancy{s arrival tonight. Phew! the fun never stops here in Panama....

we had a great week in Bocas del Toro with the girls, catching up, swimming, hiking, learning valuable lessons about anchoring in the oh so shallow Caribbean...hey what{s that bonk, bonk, bonk noise? oh, it{s our keel hitting the bottom....oops! it was fantastic so have so much catch up time with such good friends. thanks jen and veese for a great time! and for making our 3rd anniversary so much fun! photos to follow soon when we{re back on our own computer in Bocas. sorry for the bad punctuation but this keyboard is a fun grab bag in which the symbol printed on each button is just a fanciful suggestion for what might result if you hit it.

the boat is in good shape with the transmission giving a stellar performance, although we do have some annoying bugs in our electrical. the fun never stops! we are going to convince Nancy that it will be fun, fun, fun to work on the boat with us in Bocas. she{s a pretty good sport so I think it will work.....

so we{ll be here in panama city for at least a few days and then back to Bocas. more soon. cheers everybody, CC


Ben and Rhonda said...

Hannah is here and wants to type her name. Here it goes...


She did perfectly! She has more to type...

Hannah is done. "KJ" is a mad up word :-)

Glad to hear Ute is performing so well for our expert boaters.

Seen any nice fish under the water in those shallows?

Best Wishes,

Ben and Rhonda

Ute said...

oh, MAN have we seen some good fish....the parrotfish are the some of the coolest...they have powerful beaks to nibble on coral...tell Hannah and Jacob we can hear the sound of munching fish underneath the boat when we´re inside our house. it´s cool!!!