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This blog tells the story of our 22-month sailing journey from Oakland, California, to Bristol, Rhode Island, aboard our beloved Bristol 32 sailboat, Ute. Please feel free to browse through the archives (partway down the sidebar to your left) to see pics and read stories of our adventures in North America and Central America . (Sorry the first 3 months of the trip are missing - they vanished somewhere in an internet cafe in Mexico - but all you're missing is CA, Baja and Western Mex).

If you're trying to track us down now that we're landlubbers, try us at uteatlarge at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Chad Evans said...

Hey you guys! It's been a while since I've checked in, looks like you two are having the adventure of a lifetime. My dad has actually been following you guys since Panama and fills me in from time to time. I just got back online, so I request permission to come aboard...
If you guys come near Maimi, give me a hollar, I live within a mile of an award winning national park which you can anchor out in, a few blocks from the intercoastal and a West Marine if you need it..
A lot has transpired in the past year, check out my myspace site if you get a chance. My new Ecuadorian wife and I would love to have you stop through and visit for a while. Check out the following links.


All the Best!

ncareypaint said...

So I am really back in NH - the Panama experience is still happily roaming around in the brain. Just spent the weekend in the White Mountains - they are very beautiful as well. Hope you get to visit them often in the future. hugs nancy

Anonymous said...

Nigel Godson, my father in law, spent the weekend walking the White Mountains. Did you happen to meet a English chap beaming about becoming a grandfather in March?
I loved reading stories about the dome during your trip to Panama. I always think of you about this time of year and our trip to see the Old Man. Thank you for lunch that day and your company five years ago this week. When I really needed family, C and A knew what to do and there you were.
Julie Halverson

ncareypaint said...

Hey, Julie - this baby is so exciting. Would love to meet your father - next time, have him call. The Old Man is no longer there so you will have a great story to tell the baby about being one of the last persons to see it. Hope you get here again to see more of the White Mountains. Thanks for the note on the blog. hugs nancy