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Saturday, September 02, 2006

meet Sambo, the incredibly ferocious drug-sniffing K-9 unit of the Bocas police force. Is it the way he wags his tail when he sniffs your luggage that really strikes fear in your heart, or maybe the sloppy wet kisses?

he hasn't lost touch with his softer side, despite the immense pressures of his job. In fact just yesterday we saw him playing very gently with a tiny kitten. I guess he was on break.


Avesa said...

Oh, Sambo! So good to put a name to that sweet blonde face. I remember seeing him in the Bocas airport, playing hide-and-seek with his presiding officer. I got the feeling it was a routine game: cop ducks behind ticket counter, dog looks this way and that, starts to panic, joyful discovery. Yet another reason to visit Bocas.

JKB said...

Ok, can I just comment that that game in the airport that the police officer was playing with the dog was WEIRD. and kind of sad too - remember how 'lil ole Sambo couldn't find the cop for like five minutes??? Sambo sure is cute though.