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Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho-Ho-Hole-in-the-Wall! Merrrrrrry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hard to believe that after so many miles we're finally here...anchored right off of Hole in the Wall, one of our fave eating and drinking spots here in Jonesville Bight, Roatan. What a beautiful holiday...can't put the right words around our state of delight and gratitude that, after so many years of dreaming and talking about it, we finally landed on the island where we got engaged on this very holiday, four years ago, and honeymooned over Christmas the year after that. I don't think either of us has fully wrapped our brains around it yet!

Christmas in the tropics is a trip......we've carried on some old traditions and added some decidedly salty new ones. Off to a sailor potluck this afternoon - will probably bust out the accordion and ukelele for some squeaky Christmas carols. Santa brought me some new dishtowels and Allen a machete - how pink and blue can you get?! funny. (I asked for a machete this year, too, but either I haven't been good, or one of Santa's helpers didn't make it to land to go shopping. I'll stick with the latter).

Since we can't send Christmas presents this year, our gift to you is a couple hot pieces of advice for living:

1) Low hanging power lines may not appear on navigational charts from the late 70's. Always look up when entering an unfamiliar anchorage (more on that later).
2) French toast is tasty, but not a great building or sculpting material.
3) Ordinary wet/dry sandpaper - preferably 220 grit or finer - can be used to remove pesky tea and coffee stains from tooth enamel with very pleasing results.

Hope they come in handy. Merry Christmas to all of you - we miss you and wish you were here - big big hugs from us. Pics soon. Love, UTE

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