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Friday, December 15, 2006

now THIS is what we signed up for....

our destination: Josh's Cay. so, there's this concept, this daydream, of finding the perfect deserted tropical island to hang out on, right? swaying palms, juicy fruits, white sand beach...the works. well, when you've been on a small boat for a year, the daydream evolves: you swoon with the fantasy of that island just over the horizon that would tempt you with an ice machine, raked beaches (thus no sand fleas), unlimited sweet water, cold beers, hammocks in the shade, and wi-fi, but the island would, of course, offer all these services for free, and only to you. and you would have the place to yourself...unless of course you needed something, and then the nice helpful island staff would help you get it. Oh, and there would be frolicking wildlife, and deep enough water for your boat on one side, but colorful reefs teeming with life everywhere else......

Wake up! you're at Graham's Place on Josh's Cay. yup, it's true.....all of it. I am sitting in our cockpit, working on the blog, reading email, interrupted now and then by visits from Dolphy, the friendly local dolphin who often swims up to say hello (I can't make this stuff up). We spent most the afternoon snorkelling on a lovely reef - which we had all to ourselves - and then stopped by the island to pick up a bucket of ice (free), buy two ice cold beers (cheap), and take freshwater showers (free). Then we came back to Ute, who was bobbing contentedly on her well-anchored (free) mooring in 11 feet of water.

Ya gotta love it.

Thanks Mercedes and Ronan for the greatest tip of them all!! Posted by Picasa

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