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Monday, December 11, 2006

still in Guanaja

hi everybody, we are still in Guanaja and having a great time. It poured rain pretty much nonstop all weekend, so we are waterlogged (understatement...everything we own is soaking wet. everything!) and a little stir crazy but happy.

I don't think we'll get to really catch up on our month backlog of blogging and email until Roatan but wanted to make this quick post to give our condolences to some former neighbors from Bocas and Providencia.....the sailboat Starlet, who left Providencia just a few hours ahead of us the first time we tried to leave, never made it to Guanaja..they survived okay, but the boat didn't. Read about it here....

Thanks Craig for sending that link! scary stuff. The Caribbean doesn't screw around.....

more soon...big salty hugs, UTE


Anonymous said...

Captain Al and CORAgeous, thank god you turned around when you did as many times as you did. You are such amazing sailors and communicators. I can only imagine the conversations about how, when and whether to turn back. Here's to drying out and couting your blessings. Send the Roatan addresss, please!

Julie and Vanessa

Anonymous said...

Rain - ah - the rainy season. Sorry you are soaking - my least favorite thing right after being cold. Hope the sun shines and dries you all out - the itsy bitsy spider verse. All is well here. Mild weather - well no snow and no rain. Wishing you were here to spend the holidays - we can have holidays in July or whenever you are here. Fell up the stairs last nite - popped a vein - black and blue and sore - all is well. Not paying attention, slippery slippers, and no not old lady brain fade. Thank you for being so thoughtful and wise about turning back when the weather is bad or the boat has problems. Scaring yourself is not a good thing. More soon. hugs nmc

Susan said...

Your tales are pretty scary. But you guys are super sailors. So glad you made it through. You made good decisions. Horrible news about Starlet. Almost too much for my heart to take. How sad for such a beautiful vessel. I've been to jolly england and am on my way back to Bocas tomorrow. Hope to read more soon of your adventures when you have better internet. Let's see those bocas photos! Love you both. Miss you much. Susan

Anonymous said...

So glad your friends are okay, even if their boat is not. And very glad that you have been so sensible about going when the weather is safe and things are in order on your boat.

Puerto Limpira is an okay place for a duguout canoe trip, but not a ship or sailboat. Scary, scary story.

Travel when you can, dry and comfortably. MGP

Anonymous said...

Peg and Bill are reading about your trip here in NJ. We will visit the Hebe crew in FL for Christmas.

Regards to u both.