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Sunday, February 25, 2007

MRE My Valentine

now that we know this slideshow gimmick works, you can bet we will be abusing these bells and whistles to their full extent....

Here are some shots of our Valentine's Day brunch, brought to us by you, the taxpayers of America. that's right, we got a real live, locked and loaded MRE given to us by a neighbor. the best part of this story is, these neighbors are Austrian, and they bought their boat in Isla Mujeres, from some guy who had been working up in New Orleans post-Katrina. so their boat came stocked with a hundred or so MRE's.

Now i don't know about you, but when I think of MRE's, I think of the old fashioned nasty ones. Well, we got schooled. These newfangled MRE's are first rate. Each one comes with a little FRH (flameless ration heater) that is water-activated and gets your food literally bubbling hot. who knew?

Our MRE was Meal #6, Chicken Fajita. In keeping with authentic Mexican culinary tradition, this included chicken fajitas in tomato sauce, easy squeeze nacho cheese, apple cider, corn-protein-coated trail mix, wild rice pilaf, and french vanilla cappucino. The "fajitas" tasted a lot like Tasty Bite Indian food. Not bad. Helpful graphics on the boxes elucidated the vitamin fortification program. Our troops must be working their asses off, because this meal was meant for one person and we were both stuffed on it (of course, we did supplement it with rice and beans).

As you can see we wore our best camo and olive drab in honor of the occasion.

I can't decide if it's so right, or so wrong that we can sit on a boat in Honduras, and use wireless internet to upload a heart-shaped slideshow of us celebrating a romantic holiday with U.S. military rations. As Captain Aubrey said in Master and Commander, "what a fascinating modern age we live in..."

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Rebecca said...

Now that's a good way to spend taxpayer dollars! Did you get tiny bottles of tabasco sauce?

Lightstation said...

MRE= Meals Refusing to Exit.