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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

North and South or really Southeast

New happenings. Where to begin? Cora is working with the Marine Park here in Roatan. Going to the local schools and teaching the kids about the coral reef. She is also busting her butt getting sewing projects done so we don't drain the kitty too soon. She is one busy girl.

Last week she had to hitchhike two hours down the island to get to a meeting that didn't happen. But then she had to hitchhike back again to attend the meeting they canceled later in the week. She is quite the island traveler.

I did make her ride in a flatbed full of rocks the other day. It wasn't very fun as they were quite pointy rocks. We were on our way to meet the owner of a Catamaran that was interested in paying the two of us to help deliver his boat to Panama. We were going to take a sail on the boat, but due slow rock trucks and my semi-poor planning we missed him by 30 minutes. oops. We did get to have fried chicken for lunch. That was very Yummy.

But, I did take the job to sail to panama with this owner. I will be Captain (a paid position) and I have hired another friend as the third crew. We leave tentatively on the 8Th and should arrive sometime between the 19 and 23. We probably will be stopping in the Vivarillos island chain (AKA the Hobbies) and then in Isla Providencia. I am hoping for a quicker trip so I can see Cora before she heads back to the states on the 24Th to see a very new baby! She is going to be visiting her best friend and her new baby in L.A. We hope to have a quick meeting before we head our separate ways for another week.

Oh the life of a traveler.

I will try and post from somewhere along the way but as some of you remember from our last journey to Providencia the internet there is spotty at best. The Hobbies only have a few fishing shacks so I doubt that there is any wifi access there.

Cora is bummed that she won't be joining me, I am too cause she is the best crew I have ever had, but she will be holding down the fort on UTE and taking care of our other Roatan business, and of course she is super excited about meeting the new baby. I sure will miss her. This will be the longest we have been apart since leaving on the trip. (Visualize me with my lower lip stuck out here.)

But it is also good cause we can replenish a good chunk of our kitty.


Anonymous said...

Go. Captain! Back to Providencia and Panama, which sounds exciting. I bet your first mate, too, wishes she were going...
Hope all goes well and quickly!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the new baby (still in womb) let me express how excited we all are that Cora is coming north. Smooth ride, Captain! Have a great trip down to Panama and may you see some old friends, make some new ones and may you fall in love with Ute all over again. I've always found that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I can't really imagine how happy we'll be to see our boy tomorrow after nine months apart!

Much love,
J & V