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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

what happens when you mix 39 kids between 1st and 6th grade, who speak two different languages, into one classroom? MAYHEM! but it's fun, sweet, somewhat controllable mayhem.....make that barely controllable....


Anonymous said...

Vanessa and Julie and Graham - Congratulations. You are now part of the blog for Ute. Thrilled to have you all well. 65,000 minutes - is a long time - and well worth it. Captain Allen, am proud of you. Thrilled that you are taking a fast and large cat on a trip. Hi to Bocas for me. Ask Tim and Ariel if they would like company in San Blas - well probably can't - would love to see it. Cora, nice to have an update on your plans. Hope the weather is beautiful for you sailing. Yes, a new owner for the boat is close at hand and the 500,000 for a cat might be there ,too. Enjoy the students. They must love having you there - talk with you soon on Skype. nmc

Anonymous said...

can't figure out why i had to do anonymous - it's me. rattycarey

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for mentioning our boy on the blog!!!!!!! He's a charmer!

Can't wait for Auntie Cora to hold him close when she visits next Saturday!

I hope Allen and Cora will cross paths after the cat run and the flight to sunny Los Angeles.

Stay warm. Think spring!

Anonymous said...

Graham Neely Godson should visit Cora's class of 39 students between 1st & 6th grade. Impossible under the best of circumstances. Am sure Graham would get lots of attention because they all know about babies and how to take care of them - probably. Cora, you are amazing - how do you do crowd control with this many? They look totally happy - you must be doing something right.

hugs to Graham, Cora, Vanessa, Julie, and Allen nmc

Anonymous said...

ok what happened to my blogger name - can't figure it out so have to use anonymous - ah - computers and me. nmc