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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

fast times in Jonesville

hang onto your hats people.....times they are a changin'. I am back from L.A., Allen has settled in from his Southbound adventure and our buddy Danny shows up today for SIX fun weeks aboard Ute. We're saying goodbyes and wrapping up loose ends here in Roatan in anticipation of our departure on Sunday or Monday of next week (probably). The sewing machine is stowed, along with yards of Sunbrella and lots of other sewing crap. What a relief.

Baby Graham was all I imagined and more....a wonderful little fellow. Thanks Julie and Vanessa for an amazing time. Astonishingly, Julie has somehow found time to put together a charming website with some great photos. Check it out at www.gng.babywindow.com. (Click on Photo Album, then Weeks 2 and 3 to see Aunt Cora bonding with Baby G). What an incredible family.

Allen enjoyed his week on his own aboard Ute although he did have to put out a couple fires..a bolt in our raw water strainer gave up the ghost which led to a sudden influx of sea water into the cabin. For those of you who are not familiar with marine engineering, this is more commonly known as "sinking". There was some urgency to the matter as this happened while Allen had part of our standing rigging detached to rebed some chainplates. But the flow was slowed and eventually stopped, and the offending part replaced. The moral of the story is, wait until your spouse is present to detach any part of your standing rigging.

Well it's off to the airport for us, and hopefully we'll come home up one crewmember.


Anonymous said...

Leaving Roatan - wow - bound for where? Seem to miss some information but am thrilled Danny is arriving and you are all off for more adventure. Glad the leak did not cause more trouble - excitement - needless to say. Going on line to see baby Graham and family. hugs fair winds following seas and much fun. hugs nmc
ps forgot how to sign on as blogger again - ah the brain cramps

Anonymous said...

Welcome Danny!
Well, Allen, glad you stopped the "sudden influx of seawater", formerly known as sinking....

The pictures of Graham, his MOms, and AuntCora are great!

Anonymous said...

Cora- Roland stopped by after CZM today, wanted to know if you still had his book. Something about rivers and adventure in South America?

I still can't believe how cool your life is. And I miss you.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you almost SANK!!!!! Glad you guys are ok - am going to miss getting skyped by you while you are off on your next phase of boat living. Have fun wtih that lucky bastard Dillon

Anonymous said...

That was me, jkb - and... those pics of Cora and Graham were OOC cute. xoxojkb

Anonymous said...

irthday greetings for the 11 & 14th - sent card - funny - no mail destination - sent presents - no address - have a thought about presents - not sure what to do yet. Easter - celebrate human goodness and kindness for all in the years ahead - peace would be good - universal health care worldwide would be good - no starvation would be good - ah - all is possible - so what to do.
fair winds following seas - much love nmc

ccastellanet said...

We missed you at parents meet the riff raff tonight, but ate some birthday cake or yours. Darrin's parents certainly remembered your birthdays. Fair winds on your trip North. We're coming down to the last few days. Hope Danny is settling in well. Also, we established our blog, no real entries yet, at craigandevvy.blogspot.com. Best,

Craig and Evvy

Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings to you both again. Will have to party later this year - hugs nmc