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Monday, April 16, 2007

Six-legged fun

Yesterday we happily succumbed to the nerd pull of La Ceiba's insect museum. The museum is small, but jam-packed with thousands of outstanding bug and butterfly specimens collected all over Honduras by one guy, Robert Lehman, a schoolteacher from Ohio who has lived in Honduras for years and years.

We oohed and aahed over beautiful butterflies, colorful coleopterans and other wonders of the insect world (we even forayed into other arthropods by playing with a tarantula). My fave part was getting to play with an enormous local beetle who was about the size of a computer mouse. Her legs were astonishingly strong and her exoskeleton delightfully fuzzy!

Robert has dedicated his life to educating the local public about the incredibly diverse insect population in Honduras. It was really neat to hear him speak with such passion about the schoolkids that visit the museum every day. We even had a couple entomologist friends in common in different parts of the Americas!

some other favorite bugs.....

the peanut head bug (yes this is real!)

leaf-mimic bugs....

jewel scarabs....

a hummingbird moth (that long stringy thing is its tongue, so cool)

and a stunning array of the BIG beetles!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you guys
I am finishing up gathering addresses for invatations and one of the last ones to get is yours so I was like hmmm, have to check and see where they are. I don't think I am going to get an invite to you, but dang still looks like you are fun. If I had been keeping up on your blog there is no way i would still be in school. love to you both