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This blog tells the story of our 22-month sailing journey from Oakland, California, to Bristol, Rhode Island, aboard our beloved Bristol 32 sailboat, Ute. Please feel free to browse through the archives (partway down the sidebar to your left) to see pics and read stories of our adventures in North America and Central America . (Sorry the first 3 months of the trip are missing - they vanished somewhere in an internet cafe in Mexico - but all you're missing is CA, Baja and Western Mex).

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

at the 2nd Dismal Swamp lock, the lock master collects conch shells from all the cruising boats reporting back from warmer climes, so we had to make a contribution on Ute's behalf! Our molluscan offering was from the very first conch we ate in sunny Guanaja, Honduras. Now it will grace a small garden in North Carolina....I wonder if any of its companions hail from Guanaja too?


Lightstation said...

HEY!! Vanessa and Julie are on TV right now!! Well, technically not RIGHT now, because I'm watching Tivo, but still, COOL! It's their "Babymoon".
I didn't know I could get a babymoon, sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,
Thanks for posting! How fun that you caught our show. Hope all is well at the lighthouse!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie, Vanessa and Graham

Lightstation said...

Hi Julie, Vanessa and Graham-
I cried when you found the ring - of course I'm more than a little preg-motional right now, but it was sooooo sweet!