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Monday, July 16, 2007


yup, we are still stuck in tha South....the boat gods have demanded further sacrifices of time and money....so we're doing some work on Kiki in North Myrtle Beach....sorry we've been so out of touch but we are sort of in the middle of nowhere, and right now I'm using the email at a Kinko's about 8 miles from the boat, and they are charging us about the same amount of money I spent on a year of college to use this silly machine. The south is funny. They really do drink lots of iced tea and eat biscuits with gravy. and they do talk funny. most folks are pretty nice. Nobody walks anywhere, in fact we mince around in our sneakers in constant fear of being arrested for indecent pedestrianlike behavior. you must have a car to survive here. they do like their beer, and we're pleased to report the local marina offers some sort of different fried food for free each evening, which explains the substantial waistlines we've seen around here, and the fact that ours are growing to match. the locals are colorful, to be sure - in fact I thought there was a really active transsexual/drag queen population, but I've since been informed that they are just powerboat wives who've had lots of facelifts and wear cruisewear with pride. my bad. we'll learn. We've already gotten some canvaswork gigs to pay the mechanics bills and the local boatyard people we've been working with have been nothing but helpful, and have gone out of their way to make us comfortable. we'll try and update soon......but suffice to say we are having a good time, and hope to be out of here fairly soon. and it is, admittedly, a beautiful place to be stuck. photos to follow. cheers, UTE


laura said...

the south is very strange, have you tried buying beer on a sunday yet? sometimes they'll let you, but damn, the looks you get...!

hugs from here,

Anonymous said...

C'mon Kiki, get kickin' girl.

We want you to run wild.

J, V and g

Anonymous said...

Honey, where they have sweet tea and biscits and cruise wear ain't SanFrancisco...transexual/drag queens, my foot!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers update
Kiki's kickin' and UTE's movin' north at a steady rate. Leaving Elizabeth City, NC Monday July 30 heading through the Great Dismal Swamp for Norfolk, VA.