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This blog tells the story of our 22-month sailing journey from Oakland, California, to Bristol, Rhode Island, aboard our beloved Bristol 32 sailboat, Ute. Please feel free to browse through the archives (partway down the sidebar to your left) to see pics and read stories of our adventures in North America and Central America . (Sorry the first 3 months of the trip are missing - they vanished somewhere in an internet cafe in Mexico - but all you're missing is CA, Baja and Western Mex).

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thanks Julie and Vanessa for the VERY timely anniversary gift! (we haven't picked a spot just yet, still reading)


jon said...

i picked Al for my siffle team!

Anonymous said...

what's siffle?

Anonymous said...

Please note: Duluth is listed in this issue! and I'm sure there's wiffle here
(but I don't know about siffle)
Congrats! and good luck getting your land legs back on.

Anonymous said...

LA has zoos, wiffle, a warmer pacific and lots of street meat. I'm just saying.


S/V UTE said...

the street meat is a HUGE draw. and the zoos and museums rock. but the pacific is....actually really COLD!! brrrrrrr. now the atlantic, that's warm.
of course, duluth has white Christmases and ice skating, like they have at your Nana's. hmmm....
Aunt Cora

Anonymous said...

Graham may have meant a warmer Pacific down here in So Cal than up in the Bay Area, but I'm not sure. I just type what he says.

Mama Julie

cora said...

that's probably what he meant. that kid is one step ahead of all of us if you ask me.......

California is calling, there's no doubt about it.....it's just the concrete jungle thing that's a stumbling block. but there are just so many great PEOPLE there (like Graham, for example)....and aren't people what really matter more than anything else?

time will tell.