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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Finally off to Acapulco

We are setting off to Acapulco Monday the 30th. We may stop at one place on the way (or we may head offshore to where the Dorados supposedly are hiding) so we should be there in 2-3 days maybe four. We are not motoring at all so we can preserve our raw water pump, it is our backup and a friend is hopefully bringing us parts in a week or so for our main pump.
Zihuatanejo has been great and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to visit a decent size town in Mexico. Not Ixtapa but Zihuatanejo.
Thanks to everyone to for their help with Tim and Ariels Fuel injection pump. Love Allen and Cora

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Emrick said...

WOW! How great to hear from you two. We have been following your - what is a blog anyway? Really exciting. Been reluctant to comment, but we'll try and do better. Your writing has been wonderful, although you don't say much about the sailing. Are you using the monitor, or an autopilot mostly? What things work? What doesn't? What do you wish you had on board? Sorry, can't help myself. C & I have made many trips to Sojourner, but alas, it storms every weekend! We did get out one afternoon and had a great sail. Came back in on the ebb. Big mistake. It was everything you,Katy and I feared on our approach. The little Yanmar was maxxed out at 1 knot. A roller coaster ride that kept going and going and going. Lessons learned.
If you make it through the canal, maybe we can meet up in Belize.....

fair winds,
Emrick and Claudia

p.s. Is Allen any more fun to sail with in warm weather?