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Friday, January 27, 2006

this one is for you Mike


Rick Carey said...

Would you please quite ragging on Mike. He's really a good guy and spent only a little of your money coming to Scottsdale to make up for Allen's vacation.
One of my car-friends called today and said he watched the show on SPEED and was glad to see I "had my jumping shoes on." I think I may have overworked my Achilles tendons about $2 million.
And, just for you, Allen, I'm hearing the Beatles tonight, "When I get older, loose my head, many years from now ... Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm Sixty-Four?"

"Many years from now," got that?


Rick Carey said...

The Beatles, however, came after my custom-made Willie cross-country CD.


ncareypaint said...

Hi to you both. The pics are great - yes it is cold and mostly ice here. Looks like a nice storm this week. Free ski pass is waiting patiently for good snow. You are both fun and am pleased Paul and Marti could visit. nancy

Anonymous said...

Seriously, SJsRT. I hope you all get crotch rot from sitting around in wet shorts all day! MBC

Ute said...

yeah Rick I know Mike is a good kid, but you should have seen the email he sent us last week about karma and broken down engine! he was asking for it. we love him lots though. CC