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Sunday, July 30, 2006

giving up our parking spot...

after nearly two months of being tied up here at Shelter Bay - and three months since we've done overnight passages - we will set sail for Bocas del Toro tomorrow morning! The engine starts, runs, and shifts - at the proper times and in the proper places. it's bliss.

to back up a step, I made it back safely from a wonderful week on the farm. My mom is doing well and I felt so fortunate to be able to fly home and help her out - it really helps one's worry level to have an in-person visit. there is no substitute.

I got back Thursday morning to learn that the wi-fi antenna at the marina had been struck by lightning while I was away. Allen actually watched the antenna - which stands barely 50 feet off our bow - get hit. Terrifying! the shock wave was, well, shocking but we didn't suffer any damage. Of course it meant no internet, and therefore no phone calls either for the last five days, so we were quite happy to see a new antenna this morning. we've gotten terribly spoiled here....we'll have to learn to rough it again when we leave.

Allen worked his butt off while I was in Wisconsin - it was like a whole new Ute when I got back! After three months of power plant issues we have two solar panels juicing ripe photons at full strength. A new cranking battery was the answer to our starter woes. And the transmission is smooth as a monkey's bottom.

Getting ready to back on the road again is fun. Fun to test drive the boat around today, turn the VHF and shortwave radios on, check the weather, chart waypoints, stow everything, read the cruising guides. Bocas promises to be a beautiful, albeit buggy, destination. Four friends fly there to meet us on Wednesday morning..with a little luck we'll beat them there but the weather is so fickle this time of year, it's anyone's guess. It's about 150 miles from here on a direct course, which we may or not be able to take depending on wind direction and the vigor of the western caribbean countercurrent. We hope that the weather will be cooperative during our time there since the charts show lots of tempting anchorages tucked among thriving reefs and dozens of mangrove islets.

Here's hoping for a quick and uneventful passage - hopefully not longer than 2 days or so. Cheers everybody - and thanks for all the support - UTE


Anonymous said...

How nice to see you report travel plans again, especially with everyting working well.

The antenna thing sounds scarier than I first thought.

Cora's visit here did a lot for a mom's morale, too,, and I am glad that Allen and she decided to have her come home to help.Plyus she went home with parts and supplies that they needed, and would have been a few weeks later in arriving in a suitcase with a visitor.

Smooth sialing,


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Anonymous said...

Wow, trippy comment from 'anonymous'.

Happy passage, fair winds, following seas,


Anonymous said...

So sorry we missed saying goodbye, but you'll be back! Thanks for the great canvas work, and the maple syrup and the rediscovered reel of thread! We had a super time in Costa Rica. The car was magnificent and we drove 2000kms! Over railway bridges, through rivers, past landslides and amongst the most amazing jungles and cloudforests! Most terrifying roads i have ever seen let alone driven on! Now planning to drive thru South America!
Hope you got to Bocas ok, weather here in Shelter bay is really really WET!!
Love to you both