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Friday, October 20, 2006

one last blast in the Canal!

hi everybody - just wanted to let you know we are transiting the Canal one last time this weekend - hooray! - on the big boat we did all the sewing work for last week, De Vrouwe Christina.

We fly to Panama City tomorrow morning early, then bus it to Colon and taxi to Shelter Bay, where we'll hopefully get time to sneak in one last disco shower before we head for Gatun locks around 5 PM.

This boat is really incredible - we meant to post pics last week while we were working on it - I'll try and scare up a couple tonight, but we'll take some during the transit, too, of course....we're super excited to crew for these guys- the captain called us this morning and suggested we fly down for it. And it works out great, because we need to do one last provisioning trip to Panama City anyway, and we had just been trying to figure out when, and how, to go! So we'll transit with them, crash on a friend's boat in P.C., shop like crazy, and then bus back to Bocas Tuesday or Wednesday.....

If you are at your computer just waiting for something interesting to do either Saturday evening or Sunday midday, check out the Canal webcams and looks for us: on Saturday evening, go to the "Gatun Locks" tab, and if it's Sunday, try the "Miraflores Locks" tab....here's that link again: http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html (we'll spend Saturday night tied up to a great big red buoy in Lake Gatun....for Caribbean-to-Pacific transits, yachts uplock at night, then downlock the next morning).

more soon! Oh and thanks for the feedback on the Roatan decision - we love it! - UTE

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