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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Roatan Sweeps Panamanian Winter Destination Voting

Bocas del Toro, Panama - Vote talliers shook their heads in amazement earlier this week as they counted votes aboard the tiny sailing vessel Ute. After weeks of heated debate as to where this seagoing beauty will spend the winter sailing season, election officials anticipated at best a tie, and perhaps even discord and infighting among the ship's crew.

But to the immense surprise of everyone aboard, each and every scrap of crumpled paper pulled out of the moldy John Deere hat clearly read, "Roatan".

The ship's lemur, Ringo, who was standing by as designated tiebreaker at the time, was dumbfounded. "We will now have to vote on something else, because I never got to be a tiebreaker before and I was really excited," he stated, his disappointment barely concealed. "maybe we can vote on something about bananas, or puppies."

As Ute's captain and first mate were unavailable for comment, voting experts can only speculate as to what catalyzed the sweep by the long, skinny island of Roatan, which is part of the Central American nation of Honduras. "We can't say anything for sure," said one observer, "but we suspect the outcome is due in large part to the fact that Florida sucks, and Roatan does not suck."


JKB said...

How about you vote on whether or not you should apply for a job at the Onion??? Oh wait, there wouldn't be a tie breaker for that one either. Holy shit you guys have had me laughing for a good 5 minutes and I've just re-read the article three times. Woo-hoo! Winter in a place that doesn't suck!! Yeah! Now just tell me when I can come and visit!

Anonymous said...

**Another way Maine may be attractive to the Wisconsin contingent:::

2006 World Dairy Expo- Madison, WI
Championship Dairy Product Contest

Salted Butter Category
1st Place Salted Butter Kate's Homemade Butter Old Orchard Beach ME
2nd Place Lightly Salted Butter Grassland Dairy Products Greenwood WI
3rd Place Salted Butter Graf Creamery Zachow WI

Anonymous said...

Better brush up on your Creole. Have fun.

Ute said...

can't be too much worse than the creole here in Bocas....!

Lightstation said...

Does this mean we'll see you in Belize?????

Ute said...

well, at the very least it means you will come see US in roatan when YOU are in belize...and with a little luck it might even mean we come to belize...if you are in the outer islands for your charter, we are only a sweet 100 nm beam reach from you. yum...