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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

innovations in soup?

that's right kids....it's not just for polishing furniture or conditioning your hair anymore.....chicken soup is now Great for Cooking!!


Anonymous said...

with the amount of rust that can is carrying are you sure it is great for cooking?

a concerned mom

Ute said...

Yes of course it is good for us, it gives us that extra iron we are needing. We are mostly vegetarians these days........

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Engagement Anniversary, and Happy New Year! It's like you have made it across the board game- back to homebase Roatan- where it all started! Jer and I are cozied up at my folk's place in New Mexico where we are completely snowed in, record-breaking winter storm- meanwhile it's more snow than we've seen in Duluth in awhile. We're starting to get a little cabin fever, reminded of what boat life feels like, minus the turquoise waters.
Be well and please find better sources of protein.
love ves n jer (and little peanut on board)

jon said...

It seems to me that they are saying heating is a different process than cooking, which means I still don't know how to cook, I only know how to heat. If I could learn to throw the soup in a dish with crackers on top and bake it, then I'd be a cook. Or is it a baker?

Ute said...

It is really easy. The trick to casserole is tuna fish outta a can. Just heat it up. Don't forget the egg noodles.