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Monday, January 01, 2007

When in Rome.........


Ute gives a big thumbs-up to the Jonesville Bight version of New Years - and many thanks to our neighbors Aaron and Lyla on Blow Me Away for hosting us and a handful of other sailors all day and well past midnight! Clive, we won't soon forget your story about anchoring under the Statue of Liberty without any knickers on. I'm sorry that uptight New Yorker didn't appreciate your tribute.

Since we knew well ahead of time that we would probably spend most of the day being overserved by our lovely hosts, we figured we might as well try and make it an educational experience (if you can't beat 'em, throw fun facts at 'em). So we did a little R&D ahead of time so that, every hour on the hour from 10 AM onwards, we could feature a city where it was midnight and say Cheers in the local tongue. Thanks Perth, Ulaan Baatar, Jakarta, Mumbai, Kabul, Baku, Antananarivo, Minsk, Copenhagen, Monrovia, the Azores, Sao Paulo, Bolivia, Quebec and Easter Island for a great tour. We will remember some of you more clearly than others.

When we finally drifted home we spent a peaceful hour or so sitting on the boom, looking at the stars and savoring the warm night breezes. What a way to start 2007!

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Sue & Jeff said...

How do you guys find the time to post so much cool stuff? It's all great and really makes us smile. Well, smile as much as we can, missing you as much as we do! The Xmas potluck at the marina had 60! people believe it or not. So much lovely food and drink! We had a great new year's as well. Looks like you're enjoying life to the fullest as usual, we wish you great adventure up there in the Bay Islands. Hugs.