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Sunday, March 11, 2007


hi everybody, just wanted to share that the boys made it to the Vivorillos just fine yesterday, stayed the night, and weighed anchor this morning, bound for Providencia. I would guess they'll be there by Tuesday or so. If they're using the waypoints I plotted for them, they'll get to turn downwind any minute..or maybe even already have...hooray! go cat go! This info came from a neighbor, who heard it on the morning shortwave net, in which a different former neighbor broadcast the cat's whereabouts on their behalf (there are quite a few boats in the Vivorillos right now, including at least 3 that we've met elsewhere).

It sure is nice to have this huge network of people streching across all of Central America.....thanks everyone the updates, especially Valentina!

here is a rough map of their route, click on it to see it bigger

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