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Sunday, March 11, 2007

we're motorin'

what do you know! we finally got enough dimes together to buy an outboard that actually runs (sorry hon, but that last one just plain DIDN'T). here it is IN ACTION on the "road" to the next bight...

I know this is kind of like some really boring home video from your coworker's vacation or something but you have to understand, this is exiciting news!


Rick said...

And you want to leave here and go where it's cold and snows, why?


Ute said...

top five reasons

1. Buster
2. Buster
3. Buster
4. Bathtubs
5. Cheese

Anonymous said...

oh like cheese and bathtubs are so great. whatever. can't believe i didn't make the #4 and #5 spot too. jerks. Buster