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Sunday, April 15, 2007

another element of the perfect birthday was carrying on our Ute tradition of Birthday Bacon. This means you get a whole plate of bacon delivered to you in bed on your birthday.

Luckily the marina has a big palapa with a full kitchen and bar for guest use: perfect for frying up a couple pounds of pork in the early AM hours. We also made good use of it by throwing a joint birthday party there on Friday night. As if the palapa wasn't good enough, the marina has also won our hearts by delivering cases of beer to the boat at no extra charge.

The prevalence and ease of beer consumption may be a large part of the reason no one remembered to take pictures on Friday night. oh well. Anyway it was fun to reunite with several boats we know from other parts of Honduras and Panama.....

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jenkennybaum said...

Your birthday adventure sounds amazing! That jumping 30 feet stuff sounds frightening but otherwise, sounds SOOOO fun! Joint party too - fun, fun! How cool that you know people in all the ports. Miss you guys! jkb