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Sunday, April 15, 2007

We met a lot of colorful characters at the lodge but our favorite was definitely Pausito, the four-month-old anteater orphan being raised by the lodge staff. Not only we we able to help feed him his bottle full of soy-milk-and-termite smoothie, but we also got to snuggle and play with the curious little fella. We were surprised at how monkey-like he was in the way he used his "hands" and his prehensile tail...but since they live in trees I guess we shouldn't have been surprised at this.

He really enjoyed climbing all over us, and peering into our clothes in hopes of finding termites.

I challenge anyone to watch these videos and tell me a baby anteater is not one of the cutest things around.....


Anonymous said...

I am SO JEALOUS! What a wonderful adventure, from the river to the anteater to the beetles and bugs.WOW!

[and I am very glad you had such a great birthday celebration and time in Ceiba.]

jenkennybaum said...

That baby anteater isn't the only cute one in the video.. jkb